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Return to Sixth Form- September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

This plan for school reopening from September has been produced in conjunction with government and DFE guidance to all secondary schools.

In order to ensure that we reduce the risk of transmission between pupils, whilst also continuing to provide our broad and balanced curriculum, we have had to make some adjustments to our standard practices.

Which students will be attending school in September?

We are planning that all Year 12 and Year 13 students will return to sixth form in September full time. Autumn term starts for Year 12 on Monday 7th September and for Year 13 on Tuesday 8th September. Students should arrive by 8.50am for the start of lessons.

How will you accommodate all students safely in school at one time?

Sixth form students will be taught completely in the Sixth Form building with the exception of Physics/Chemistry/Biology lessons that require specialist rooms. There will be a designated sixth form science laboratory for these lessons.

How will students travel to school?

Where possible, we ask that students walk, cycle, drive or are driven to school by a member of their household. Where students have to travel to school via county provided buses, they will be allocated seating areas in their year groups on each bus and expected to remain within these for the duration of travel to and from school each day. Students travelling on public transport in accordance with government regulations will be required to wear a face covering. Students traveling on dedicated school buses are recommended to wear a face covering but it is not obligatory at the time of writing this letter. At the end of the school day students travelling by school bus will be spaced socially distanced apart whilst waiting to board.

What will be taught when students are back in school?

The Year 12 and 13 students will follow their normal timetables though there will be slight amendments to the timings of the lessons.

How will we reduce the risk of transmission within school?

In order to reduce the likelihood that students interact and potentially spread the virus, a number of changes have been implemented:

• A one way system will remain in place in the corridors
• Outside doors and windows will be open to ventilate the building
• Hand sanitising stations will be available in each classroom and on arrival students will be expected to sanitise their hands.
• The sixth form canteen will be open at break and lunchtimes. Sixth form students will not be allowed to mix with students from other year groups at this time in order to maintain the ‘sixth form bubble.’
• Items such as computers will be cleaned daily though students are encouraged to bring in their own laptops for use in lessons and independent study time.
• Students are not expected to share equipment and need to supply their own writing implements.
• Under the present circumstances students do not need to be on site when they are not in lessons, tutorials, intervention or supervised study periods. They are welcome though to remain on site if they wish and use the study area.

One of the guiding principles in reopening schools is that we balance reducing the risk of transmission between pupils with the balancing of our curriculum to ensure students continue with their education.

We have produced this plan within the guidance given by the DFE and government, and will be reviewed in light of any further guidance.

There are a number of additional practical changes that will take place alongside these plans. Adjustments to how we deliver larger activities such as assemblies have been made so that there is as little disruption as possible. Until further guidance is given we will continue to postpone face to face evenings within school (parents evening, open evenings). Where these are scheduled to take place early in the 20/21 academic year, we will arrange that all parents are kept up to date via online conferencing/phone calls.

In the event of another national or local lockdown, we have refined our remote learning provision and we will be including live lessons for students in all subjects in addition to the work provided online. Thank you to all parents/carers who responded to the request for feedback regarding our remote learning programme, it was very useful.

It is understandable that students may be hesitant to return to school and will require support, this will be included within the Autumn term tutor time. When students return to school on Monday 7th (Year 12) and Tuesday 8th (Year 13) September, we will brief all students fully on the timetable changes, rooming, and any other information required in addition to this plan.

If there is any alteration to these plans over the summer break, we will update all parents/carers via their registered email address and Xpressions/social media. If you have any questions or feedback on our plan for re-opening please do not hesitate to contact us via over the summer break period.

Yours sincerely,
Lianne Higgins
Vice Principal
Head of Sixth Form