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Return to Sixth Form

Following the corona virus outbreak Fakenham Sixth Form closed its doors to Year 12 students on Wednesday 18th March. Learning continued, and still does for some students, online. From the number of emails flying between students and teachers, for many it seems that learning comes easier with a teacher in front of you.

After nearly three months of home learning Year 12 students have been invited back into Sixth Form to attend face to face lessons. School though doesn’t look the same; tables have been spaced the regulatory 2 metres apart, a one way system has been implemented, social spaces remain empty and the students go home at lunchtime. But, there is a big but, it is wonderful to see the return of our young people to Sixth Form: to see them chatting, listening to information
and explanations and their questions answered. We can only look forward to when all our students can safely return to their education and things return to some semblance of normality.